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Detroit, Michigan, has a rich history and several unique aspects that set it apart. Here are some interesting facts about Detroit:

  1. Motor City: Detroit is often referred to as the "Motor City" due to its historical significance in the automotive industry. It is the birthplace of major car manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

  2. Motown Sound: Detroit is also known as the birthplace of the "Motown Sound," a genre of music that played a crucial role in shaping the American music scene. The Motown Record Corporation, founded by Berry Gordy Jr., produced hits from artists like Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, and Marvin Gaye.

  3. The Detroit River: Detroit is located on the Detroit River, which serves as a natural border between the United States and Canada. The city is connected to Windsor, Ontario, by the Ambassador Bridge, one of the busiest international border crossings in North America.

  4. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA): The DIA is renowned for its extensive art collection, which includes works by artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Diego Rivera, and Rembrandt. The museum's collection is considered one of the top six in the United States.

  5. The Detroit Red Wings: The city has a strong sports culture, and the Detroit Red Wings, a professional ice hockey team, have a storied history with numerous championships. Their home games are played at the iconic Joe Louis Arena.

  6. Renaissance Center: The GM Renaissance Center, often called the RenCen, is a group of seven interconnected skyscrapers that form a distinctive part of the city's skyline. It serves as the world headquarters for General Motors.

  7. Henry Ford and the Rouge Complex: The Ford Rouge Complex is a massive industrial site that played a pivotal role in the American industrial revolution. It was once the largest integrated factory complex in the world, where Henry Ford implemented assembly line production techniques.

  8. Diverse Architecture: Detroit has a mix of architectural styles, ranging from historic buildings like the Guardian Building to modern structures such as the GM Renaissance Center. The city has undergone revitalization efforts in recent years, leading to a combination of old and new in its architecture.

  9. Technological Innovation: Beyond automobiles, Detroit has been a hub for technological innovation. It's home to the TechTown Detroit business incubator, supporting startups and technology development.

  10. Urban Farms and Green Initiatives: In recent years, Detroit has seen a rise in urban farming and green initiatives. Vacant lots have been transformed into community gardens, contributing to the city's revitalization and sustainable efforts.

These aspects showcase the diverse and dynamic nature of Detroit, making it a city with a unique blend of cultural, industrial, and artistic significance.

The early history of Detroit is marked by its Native American inhabitants, European exploration, and colonial conflicts. Here is an overview of key events in Detroit's early history:

  1. Native American Presence: Before European exploration, the area that is now Detroit was inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Potawatomi, Huron, Ottawa, and Wyandot. The location's strategic position at the narrowest point of the Detroit River made it a significant gathering and trading point.

  2. French Exploration and Fort Pontchartrain: The French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, founded Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit in 1701. The fort was named after the French minister of marine. Cadillac sought to establish a fur-trading post and military outpost to secure French interests in the region.

  3. British Rule: In 1760, during the French and Indian War, the British captured Detroit from the French. The area became part of the British Empire under the Treaty of Paris in 1763, which ended the war. However, the Native American tribes in the region resisted British rule, leading to Pontiac's Rebellion in 1763.

  4. American Revolution and Jay's Treaty: Detroit became a part of the newly formed United States after the American Revolution. The 1794 Jay's Treaty between the United States and Great Britain confirmed American sovereignty over Detroit, and the British withdrew from the area.

  5. The Fire of 1805: In 1805, a devastating fire swept through Detroit, destroying most of the structures in the settlement. As a result, the city was rebuilt with a new street plan designed by Judge Augustus Woodward, featuring a radial street pattern.

  6. War of 1812: During the War of 1812, Detroit briefly fell into British hands in 1812 but was recaptured by the United States in 1813. The Treaty of Ghent in 1814 officially ended the war and returned Detroit to American control.

  7. Incorporation and Growth: Detroit was officially incorporated as a city in 1815. Throughout the 19th century, it grew as a hub for the fur trade, shipping, and later, the lumber industry. The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 further facilitated economic growth by connecting the Great Lakes to the East Coast.

  8. The Underground Railroad: Detroit played a significant role in the Underground Railroad, a network of secret routes and safe houses used by African American slaves to escape to freedom in the 19th century. The city became a key crossing point into Canada.

The early history of Detroit reflects its strategic importance in trade and military operations, as well as its resilience in the face of challenges such as fires and conflicts. These foundational elements contributed to Detroit's later emergence as a major industrial and cultural center.

Faith Christian Store has customers from all over the United States

Here are the most common Michigan cities that we serve:

Acme Michigan
Ada Michigan
Adams township Michigan
Adams township Michigan
Addison Michigan
Adrian Michigan
Aetna township Michigan
Akron Michigan
Alaiedon Michigan
Alamo Michigan
Albee Michigan
Albert and Newaygo Michigan
Albion city Michigan
Algansee Michigan
Algonac Michigan
Allegan Michigan
Allegan city Michigan
Allen Michigan
Allen Park Michigan
Allendale Michigan
Allouez Michigan
Almena Michigan
Almer Michigan
Almira Michigan
Almont Michigan
Alpena city Michigan
Amber Michigan
Amboy Michigan
Ann Arbor Michigan
Ann Arbor city Michigan
Antrim Michigan
Arcada Michigan
Argentine Michigan
Arlington Michigan
Armada Michigan
Ash Michigan
Ashland Michigan
Assyria Michigan
Atlas Michigan
Attica Michigan
Au Sable charter township Michigan
Auburn Michigan
Auburn Hills Michigan
Aurelius Michigan
Austin township Michigan
Bad Axe Michigan
Bainbridge Michigan
Baldwin township Michigan
Baltimore Michigan
Bangor and Dayton Michigan
Bangor township Michigan
Baraga Michigan
Bark River Michigan
Baroda Michigan
Barry and Sherman township Michigan
Batavia Michigan
Bay City Michigan
Bay Mills Michigan
Bear Creek Michigan
Bear Lake township Michigan
Beaver Creek Michigan
Beaver township Michigan
Beaverton township Michigan
Belding Michigan
Belleville Michigan
Bellevue Michigan
Belvidere Michigan
Bennington Michigan
Benona Michigan
Benton charter township Michigan
Benton Harbor Michigan
Benton township and Arcadia township Michigan
Benzonia and Arbela Michigan
Berkley Michigan
Berlin Michigan
Berlin charter township Michigan
Berlin township Michigan
Bertrand Michigan
Bessemer city Michigan
Bethel Michigan
Big Creek Michigan
Big Prairie Michigan
Big Rapids Michigan
Big Rapids city Michigan
Billings Michigan
Bingham and Stanton township Michigan
Bingham township Michigan
Bingham township Michigan
Birch Run Michigan
Blackman Michigan
Blendon Michigan
Blissfield Michigan
Bloomer Michigan
Bloomfield charter township Michigan
Bloomfield Hills Michigan
Bloomingdale Michigan
Blue Lake township and Sage Michigan
Blumfield Michigan
Boardman and Richland township Michigan
Boston Michigan
Bowne Michigan
Boyne Valley Michigan
Brady Michigan
Brady township Michigan
Branch Michigan
Brant and Essex Michigan
Breitung Michigan
Bridgeport Michigan
Bridgeton Michigan
Bridgewater and Banks Michigan
Bridgman Michigan
Brighton Michigan
Brighton township Michigan
Briley Michigan
Brockway Michigan
Bronson and Maple River Michigan
Bronson city Michigan
Brookfield township Michigan
Brooks Michigan
Broomfield Michigan
Bruce Michigan
Buchanan Michigan
Buchanan city Michigan
Buckeye Michigan
Buel Michigan
Bunker Hill Michigan
Burdell Michigan
Burlington township Michigan
Burns Michigan
Burnside Michigan
Burr Oak Michigan
Burtchville Michigan
Burton Michigan
Bushnell Michigan
Butler Michigan
Butman Michigan
Byron Michigan
Cadillac Michigan
Caldwell and Oliver township Michigan
Caledonia charter township Michigan
Caledonia township Michigan
California Michigan
Calumet Michigan
Calvin Michigan
Cambria Michigan
Cambridge Michigan
Camden Michigan
Campbell and Waverly township Michigan
Cannon Michigan
Canton Michigan
Carlton Michigan
Carmel Michigan
Caro Michigan
Carrollton Michigan
Cascade Michigan
Casco Michigan
Casco township Michigan
Caseville township Michigan
Casnovia and Gerrish Michigan
Castleton Michigan
Cedar Creek Michigan
Cedar Creek township Michigan
Cedar Springs Michigan
Center Line Michigan
Centerville Michigan
Central Lake Michigan
Charleston Michigan
Charlevoix Michigan
Charlevoix city and Climax Michigan
Charlton Michigan
Chase Michigan
Chassell, Winsor, and Clark Michigan
Chelsea Michigan
Cherry Grove and New Buffalo township Michigan
Chesaning Michigan
Cheshire Michigan
Chester township Michigan
Chesterfield Michigan
Chikaming Michigan
China Michigan
Chippewa township Michigan
Chippewa township Michigan
Churchill Michigan
Clam Lake Michigan
Clare Michigan
Clarence Michigan
Clarendon, Sebewa, and Custer township Michigan
Clay Michigan
Clayton charter township Michigan
Clinton charter township Michigan
Clinton township Michigan
Clio Michigan
Clyde Michigan
Clyde township Michigan
Cohoctah and Negaunee Michigan
Coldsprings Michigan
Coldwater township Michigan
Coleman Michigan
Colfax township Michigan
Colfax township Michigan
Coloma Michigan
Coloma charter township Michigan
Colon Michigan
Columbia Michigan
Columbia township Michigan
Columbia township Michigan
Columbus township Michigan
Comins Michigan
Commerce Michigan
Comstock Michigan
Concord Michigan
Constantine Michigan
Conway Michigan
Cooper Michigan
Coopersville Michigan
Corwith Michigan
Cottrellville Michigan
Covert Michigan
Crockery Michigan
Croswell Michigan
Crystal Falls and Richmond township Michigan
Crystal Falls city Michigan
Custer township Michigan
Dafter Michigan
Dallas and Athens Michigan
Danby and Corunna Michigan
Davison Michigan
Davison township Michigan
Day Michigan
Dearborn Michigan
Dearborn Heights Michigan
Decatur Michigan
Deep River Michigan
Deerfield Michigan
Deerfield township Michigan
Deerfield township Michigan
Deerfield township Michigan
Deerfield township Michigan
Delhi Michigan
Denton Michigan
Denver and Ogemaw Michigan
Denver township and Schoolcraft Michigan
Detroit Michigan
DeWitt Michigan
DeWitt charter township and Brandon Michigan
Dexter Michigan
Dexter township Michigan
Douglas Michigan
Dowagiac Michigan
Dryden Michigan
Dundee Michigan
Duplain Michigan
Durand Michigan
Eagle Michigan
East China Michigan
East Jordan and Morenci Michigan
East Lansing Michigan
East Tawas Michigan
Easton Michigan
Eaton Michigan
Eaton Rapids Michigan
Eaton Rapids city Michigan
Eckford and Greenbush Michigan
Edenville Michigan
Edwards Michigan
Elba Michigan
Elba township Michigan
Elk Rapids Michigan
Elk township Michigan
Elkland Michigan
Ellington Michigan
Elmer township and Moffatt Michigan
Elmira Michigan
Elmwood charter township Michigan
Ely Michigan
Emmett and Clearwater Michigan
Emmett charter township Michigan
Ensley Michigan
Erie Michigan
Escanaba Michigan
Essexville Michigan
Eureka Michigan
Evart city Michigan
Eveline Michigan
Everett Michigan
Evergreen township Michigan
Exeter Michigan
Fabius Michigan
Fairfield township and Dover township Michigan
Fairgrove Michigan
Fairplain Michigan
Farmington Michigan
Farmington Hills Michigan
Fawn River Michigan
Fennville Michigan
Fenton Michigan
Fenton charter township Michigan
Ferris Michigan
Ferry Michigan
Filer Michigan
Fillmore Michigan
Flat Rock Michigan
Flint Michigan
Flint city Michigan
Flushing Michigan
Flushing charter township Michigan
Ford River Michigan
Forest Home Michigan
Forest township Michigan
Forest township and Reeder Michigan
Forsyth Michigan
Frankenlust Michigan
Frankenmuth Michigan
Frankenmuth city Michigan
Frankfort Michigan
Franklin township Michigan
Franklin township Michigan
Fraser Michigan
Fraser city Michigan
Frederic Michigan
Freedom Michigan
Fremont city Michigan
Fremont township Michigan
Fremont township Michigan
Fremont township and Mount Morris Michigan
Fruitland Michigan
Fulton Michigan
Gaines Michigan
Gaines charter township Michigan
Galesburg Michigan
Galien Michigan
Ganges Michigan
Garden City Michigan
Garfield charter township Michigan
Garfield township Michigan
Garfield township Michigan
Garfield township Michigan
Gaylord Michigan
Genesee Michigan
Geneva township Michigan
Georgetown Michigan
Gibraltar Michigan
Gilmore township Michigan
Girard Michigan
Gladstone Michigan
Golden and Marlette Michigan
Goodland Michigan
Grand Blanc Michigan
Grand Blanc Michigan
Grand Haven charter township Michigan
Grand Ledge Michigan
Grandville Michigan
Grant township Michigan
Grant township Michigan
Grant township Michigan
Grant township Michigan
Grass Lake Michigan
Grattan and Boyne City Michigan
Grayling and Scipio Michigan
Grayling charter township Michigan
Green charter township Michigan
Green Lake Michigan
Green Oak Michigan
Greenbush township Michigan
Greendale Michigan
Greenwood township Michigan
Greenwood township Michigan
Greenwood township Michigan
Grosse Pointe Michigan
Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan
Grosse Pointe Park Michigan
Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan
Grout Michigan
Gun Plain Michigan
Hadley Michigan
Hagar Michigan
Hamilton township Michigan
Hamilton township Michigan
Hamlin Michigan
Hamlin township Michigan
Hamtramck Michigan
Hancock city Michigan
Handy Michigan
Hanover and West Branch township Michigan
Hanover township Michigan
Harbor Beach Michigan
Harbor Springs Michigan
Haring Michigan
Harper Woods Michigan
Harris Michigan
Harrison and Springport Michigan
Harrison charter township Michigan
Harrisville township and Chester Michigan
Hart Michigan
Hart city Michigan
Hartford Michigan
Hartford township Michigan
Hartland Michigan
Hastings Michigan
Hay Michigan
Hayes Michigan
Hayes township Michigan
Hayes township and Crystal township Michigan
Hazel Park Michigan
Hazelton Michigan
Heath Michigan
Henrietta Michigan
Hersey Michigan
Hiawatha, Woodbridge, and Rudyard Michigan
Higgins Michigan
Highland Michigan
Highland charter township Michigan
Highland Park Michigan
Hill Michigan
Hillman Michigan
Hillsdale Michigan
Hillsdale city Michigan
Holly Michigan
Holton Michigan
Home township Michigan
Homer and Johnstown Michigan
Homer township Michigan
Homestead Michigan
Hope and Port Austin Michigan
Hopkins Michigan
Howard Michigan
Howell Michigan
Howell city Michigan
Hudson city Michigan
Hudson township and Convis Michigan
Hudsonville Michigan
Huntington Woods Michigan
Huron charter township Michigan
Ida and Rives Michigan
Imlay Michigan
Imlay City Michigan
Indianfields Michigan
Ingersoll Michigan
Ingham Michigan
Inkster Michigan
Inland Michigan
Inverness Michigan
Ionia Michigan
Ionia city Michigan
Iosco Michigan
Ira Michigan
Ironwood Michigan
Irving Michigan
Ishpeming Michigan
Ishpeming city Michigan
Ithaca Michigan
James Michigan
Jefferson Michigan
Jefferson township and Ravenna Michigan
Jerome Michigan
Jonesfield and Mount Haley Michigan
Jonesville Michigan
Juniata, Fife Lake, and Grant township Michigan
Kalamo and Chester township Michigan
Kalkaska Michigan
Kasson Michigan
Kawkawlin Michigan
Kearney Michigan
Keego Harbor and Vassar Michigan
Keeler and Pine Michigan
Keene Michigan
Kenockee Michigan
Kinderhook Michigan
Kingsford Michigan
Kingston Michigan
Kinross and Montrose charter township Michigan
Kochville Michigan
Koehler Michigan
Koylton Michigan
La Salle Michigan
LaGrange Michigan
Laingsburg, Burlington, and White River Michigan
Lake charter township Michigan
Lake township Michigan
Laketon Michigan
Laketown Michigan
L'Anse Michigan
Lansing Michigan
Lansing city Michigan
Lapeer Michigan
Lapeer city Michigan
Larkin Michigan
Lathrup Village Michigan
Lawrence Michigan
Lee township Michigan
Lee township Michigan
Leelanau Michigan
Leland Michigan
Leonidas Michigan
Leroy and Williamston Michigan
Leroy township Michigan
Leslie Michigan
Leslie township Michigan
Lexington Michigan
Liberty township Michigan
Lima Michigan
Lincoln charter township Michigan
Lincoln Park Michigan
Lincoln township Michigan
Lincoln township Michigan
Lincoln township Michigan
Lincoln township Michigan
Lincoln township Michigan
Linden Michigan
Litchfield city Michigan
Little Traverse and Maple Grove township Michigan
Littlefield Michigan
Livingston Michigan
Livonia Michigan
Lockport Michigan
Lodi Michigan
London Michigan
Long Lake Michigan
Lowell Michigan
Lowell charter township Michigan
Ludington Michigan
Lyndon Michigan
Lyon Michigan
Lyon charter township Michigan
Lyons Michigan
Macomb Michigan
Macon Michigan
Madison Michigan
Madison Heights Michigan
Mancelona Michigan
Manchester Michigan
Manistee Michigan
Manistee city Michigan
Manistique city Michigan
Manlius Michigan
Manton Michigan
Maple Grove Michigan
Maple Grove township and Onekama Michigan
Maple Ridge township and Marion township Michigan
Maple Valley Michigan
Maple Valley township Michigan
Marathon Michigan
Marcellus Michigan
Marengo and Isabella Michigan
Marine City Michigan
Marion township and Fork Michigan
Markey Michigan
Marlette city Michigan
Marquette charter township Michigan
Marshall Michigan
Martin Michigan
Martiny Michigan
Mason city Michigan
Masonville Michigan
Matteson, Wexford, and Garfield township Michigan
Mayfield Michigan
Mayfield township Michigan
McKinley township and Brown City Michigan
McMillan township Michigan
Mecosta Michigan
Melrose Michigan
Melvindale Michigan
Mendon Michigan
Menominee Michigan
Meridian Michigan
Merritt Michigan
Metamora Michigan
Middlebury Michigan
Midland Michigan
Midland city Michigan
Milan Michigan
Milan city Michigan
Milford Michigan
Millington and Roosevelt Park Michigan
Mills Michigan
Mills township Michigan
Milton Michigan
Milton township Michigan
Monitor Michigan
Monroe charter township Michigan
Montague and Fredonia Michigan
Montague city Michigan
Monterey Michigan
Montrose Michigan
Moorland and Marion township Michigan
Morton Michigan
Moscow and Evart Michigan
Mottville Michigan
Mount Forest Michigan
Mount Morris township Michigan
Mundy Michigan
Munising Michigan
Mussey Michigan
Negaunee city Michigan
Nelson Michigan
New Buffalo Michigan
New Haven township Michigan
Newberg Michigan
Newfield and Royal Oak Michigan
Newton township and Benton Michigan
Niles Michigan
Niles township Michigan
Norman Michigan
North Branch Michigan
North Muskegon Michigan
Northville Michigan
Norton Shores Michigan
Norvell Michigan
Norway Michigan
Norway city Michigan
Nottawa Michigan
Nottawa township Michigan
Novesta Michigan
Novi city Michigan
Nunda Michigan
Oak Park Michigan
Oakfield Michigan
Oakland Michigan
Oceola Michigan
Odessa Michigan
Olive Michigan
Olive township Michigan
Olivet Michigan
Oneida Michigan
Onondaga Michigan
Ontonagon Michigan
Ontwa Michigan
Orange township and Le Roy Michigan
Orangeville Michigan
Oregon Michigan
Orleans Michigan
Osceola township Michigan
Oscoda Michigan
Oshtemo Michigan
Ossineke Michigan
Otisco and Douglass Michigan
Otsego Michigan
Otsego Lake Michigan
Otsego township Michigan
Overisel Michigan
Ovid Michigan
Ovid township Michigan
Ovid township Michigan
Owosso Michigan
Owosso city Michigan
Palmyra Michigan
Paradise Michigan
Park Michigan
Parma Michigan
Pavilion Michigan
Peninsula Michigan
Penn Michigan
Pennfield Michigan
Pentland Michigan
Pentwater Michigan
Pere Marquette Michigan
Perry Michigan
Perry township Michigan
Petersburg Michigan
Pickford Michigan
Pierson Michigan
Pinconning Michigan
Pinconning township Michigan
Pine Grove Michigan
Pine River Michigan
Pipestone Michigan
Pittsford Michigan
Plainfield Michigan
Plainwell Michigan
Pleasant Plains and Wakefield city Michigan
Pleasant Ridge Michigan
Plymouth charter township Michigan
Pokagon Michigan
Polkton Michigan
Pontiac Michigan
Port Huron Michigan
Port Huron city Michigan
Port Sheldon Michigan
Portage charter township Michigan
Porter township Michigan
Porter township Michigan
Portland Michigan
Portland city Michigan
Portsmouth and Summerfield township Michigan
Potterville Michigan
Prairie Ronde Michigan
Prairieville and Croton Michigan
Presque Isle Michigan
Pulaski, Parchment, and Dayton township Michigan
Putnam and Dorr Michigan
Quincy township Michigan
Raisin Michigan
Rapid River Michigan
Ray Michigan
Reading township Michigan
Redford Michigan
Reed City Michigan
Resort, Mason township, and Munising township Michigan
Reynolds Michigan
Rich Michigan
Richfield Michigan
Richfield township Michigan
Richland township Michigan
Richland township Michigan
Richland township Michigan
Richmond city Michigan
Richmond township Michigan
Ridgeway Michigan
Riga Michigan
Riley Michigan
Riley township and Sherman township Michigan
Riverton Michigan
Robinson Michigan
Rochester Michigan
Rochester Hills Michigan
Rock River Michigan
Rockford Michigan
Rockwood Michigan
Rogers City Michigan
Rolland Michigan
Rollin and Cato Michigan
Rome Michigan
Romulus Michigan
Ronald Michigan
Roscommon Michigan
Rose and Mullett Michigan
Rose Lake Michigan
Rose township Michigan
Roseville Michigan
Ross Michigan
Royal Oak city Michigan
Royalton Michigan
Rush Michigan
Rutland Michigan
Saginaw Michigan
Saginaw city Michigan
Salem Michigan
Salem township Michigan
Saline Michigan
Saline city Michigan
Sanborn Michigan
Sands Michigan
Sandstone Michigan
Sandusky Michigan
Sanilac Michigan
Saugatuck township Michigan
Scio Michigan
Sciota Michigan
Scottville Michigan
Sebewaing Michigan
Selma Michigan
Seville Michigan
Sharon and Locke Michigan
Shelby Michigan
Shelby charter township Michigan
Sheridan charter township Michigan
Sheridan township Michigan
Sheridan township Michigan
Sheridan township and Porter Michigan
Sherman township Michigan
Sherwood Michigan
Sidney Michigan
Silver Creek Michigan
Sodus Michigan
Solon Michigan
Solon township Michigan
Somerset Michigan
Soo and Iron River city Michigan
South Arm Michigan
South Branch township Michigan
South Haven Michigan
South Haven city Michigan
South Lyon Michigan
Southfield Michigan
Southfield city Michigan
Southgate Michigan
Spalding and Flowerfield Michigan
Spaulding Michigan
Speaker Michigan
Spencer Michigan
Spring Arbor Michigan
Springfield Michigan
Springfield charter township Michigan
Springfield city Michigan
Springvale Michigan
Springville Michigan
St. Charles Michigan
St. Clair Michigan
St. Ignace city Michigan
St. Johns Michigan
St. Joseph Michigan
St. Louis Michigan
Stambaugh Michigan
Standish Michigan
Standish township Michigan
Stanton Michigan
Stockbridge Michigan
Sturgis Michigan
Sullivan Michigan
Sumner Michigan
Sunfield Michigan
Superior Michigan
Superior charter township Michigan
Surrey Michigan
Suttons Bay and Ferrysburg Michigan
Swan Creek Michigan
Swartz Creek Michigan
Sylvan Lake Michigan
Sylvan township Michigan
Tallmadge Michigan
Tawas City Michigan
Tawas, Bethany, and Roxand Michigan
Taylor Michigan
Taymouth Michigan
Tecumseh Michigan
Tekonsha Michigan
Thetford Michigan
Thomas Michigan
Three Oaks Michigan
Three Rivers Michigan
Tittabawassee Michigan
Tobacco Michigan
Tompkins Michigan
Torch Lake Michigan
Torch Lake township Michigan
Trenton Michigan
Trowbridge Michigan
Troy city Michigan
Tuscarora, Gladwin city, and Coe Michigan
Tuscola Michigan
Tyrone Michigan
Tyrone township Michigan
Unadilla Michigan
Union charter township Michigan
Union township Michigan
Utica Michigan
Valley and Orchard Lake Village Michigan
Vassar township Michigan
Venice Michigan
Vermontville Michigan
Vernon Michigan
Vernon township Michigan
Verona Michigan
Vevay Michigan
Victor Michigan
Victory Michigan
Village of Grosse Pointe Shores Michigan
Wakeshma Michigan
Wales and Hope township Michigan
Walker city Michigan
Walled Lake Michigan
Walton Michigan
Warren Michigan
Warren city Michigan
Washington charter township Michigan
Washington township Michigan
Waterford Michigan
Waterloo Michigan
Watersmeet Michigan
Watertown Michigan
Watertown charter township Michigan
Watertown township Michigan
Watervliet Michigan
Watervliet township Michigan
Watson Michigan
Wayland and Montcalm Michigan
Wayland city Michigan
Wayne Michigan
Wayne city Michigan
Weare, North Plains, and Grant township Michigan
Webber Michigan
Webster Michigan
Weesaw Michigan
Wells township Michigan
Wells township Michigan
West Bloomfield Michigan
West Branch city Michigan
West Branch township Michigan
West Traverse Michigan
Westland Michigan
Westphalia Michigan
Wheatfield Michigan
Wheatland township Michigan
Wheatland township Michigan
Wheeler Michigan
White Cloud Michigan
White Lake Michigan
White Oak Michigan
White Pigeon Michigan
Whiteford Michigan
Whitehall Michigan
Whitehall city Michigan
Whitewater, Denmark, and Shiawassee Michigan
Williams and Ironwood city Michigan
Williamstown Michigan
Wilson Michigan
Wilson township Michigan
Winfield Michigan
Wise and Luna Pier Michigan
Wixom Michigan
Woodhaven Michigan
Woodhull Michigan
Woodland Michigan
Woodstock Michigan
Worth Michigan
Wright Michigan
Wright township Michigan
Wyandotte Michigan
Yale Michigan
Yankee Springs Michigan
York Michigan
Ypsilanti Michigan
Ypsilanti charter township Michigan
Zeeland Michigan
Zeeland charter township Michigan
Zilwaukee city Michigan


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