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fragrances make many people sick

Did you know that you could become sick from your own perfume or cologne and not even know it. Did you know that once that sickness starts you may not be able to get rid of it? Looking back 100 years ago our exposures to chemicals was usually minimal. Now just a walk through the grocery store may expose you to 100's. People were not meant to have these constant exposures and an alarming thing is developing... chemical sickness. For some this is minor. ​General problems include asthma attacks, hay fever, headache, migraine, dizziness, breathing problems, rashes, congestion, nausea and seizures. About 1 in 3 people report having health problems when exposed to fragranced products. More serious chemical intolerance occurs in 1 of 5 people yet is rarely diagnosed by busy practitioners that can't provide a pharmaceutical that will help the disease. 


Unfortunately for more and more people chemical sickness is not minor. The name for the disease they may have is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or it's also known as Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT). MCS / TILT gives those affected a life of constant pain and disfunction of both body and mind. It takes the intolerance of chemicals and adds many molds (especially house molds). Imagine having to work and function in life while having your worst day of having the flu. You can't hardly move, you can't think, your body aches terribly, your head is feeling like its going to explode. You can't make decisions. Hours and hours go by in what later seems like just minutes making life pass you by. In addition MCS can affect the body's organs. Sweat glands are often the first to go. Pancreas may cause the person to be hypoglycemic. Kidneys often start to have issues or fail. The anxiety and internal chemical response can cause heart disease. The severity of MCS for more and more people makes employment impossible. It makes living in most homes impossible. Shelters are way too damaging. NO in-roads with any government assistance. Many end up living in cars but the huge risks and costs are not ideal. If the US government incorporates MCS as a covered disability it is afraid that it will bankrupt the system because of the fact that it is hard to medically prove. MCS is based on an abundance of symptoms many of which can not be externally tested. This leaves tens of thousands of people to become disabled without help. MCS is one of the most disabling diseases a person can have and yet a solution to helping those suffering is still not in sight.

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